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How My Son Started Out

On the forum,, "avatar" wrote,

I noticed that your kid plays golf. I'm curious as to how did you get him to start at such a young age? Did you like force him or was there genuine interest? How's it doing so far to his development in terms of character, motor skills, atheleticism and most importantly school schedule or academics? hehehe I'm curious as I too would like to have a son who shares the same interest with me in golf :) Thanks!

Here was my first installment to the series of questions:

Q. I'm curious as to how did you get him to start at such a young age?

At the time I started learning golf a few years ago, my kid was only 3 years old. He started tagging along with me to the driving range when I was taking lessons. Soon after he started bringing his own plastic clubs. Then someone lent him a junior club. From there, he took interest in it.

No need to force him because being on the driving range that's all he could model after. Also, at that time, his sister (my eldest) was learning to swing a club so copying/mimicking came naturally.

To be honest though, now that he's 6 turning 7, he may begin to start thinking of other sports/activities. I hope he doesn't lose interest in golf but I guess the most practical thing to do would be to allow him to discover other sports/activities as well.

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