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Skipping Work/School to Play Golf

There are days wherein you just have to drop everything to savor moments spent with kids. Time has been whizzing by recently (where did Jan and Feb go?! It's March already!!!) and I've been trying to look for the brakes to slow down the pace of their childhood. Unfortunately, there really is no such thing.

As I've found out that weekends are not enough for us to be together, we just decided to break away from the school/work routine to play golf.

What made this day more special than any other round we've played before is that this is the first time we've played squarely. My daughter plays as an adult from the red tee box for ladies. Joaquin plays from that same distance (red tees) but is not given any special advantage for being a 7 year old.

Three of us faced off in a game we devised ourselves called "Wack-Wack Points".
An interesting cross between "stroke play" and "match play". Joaquin and I were tied by way of points but he emerged as the winner due to a countback on the 17th hole.

Between the tee off from the first hole to the last putt were the highlights of getting caught in the middle of a downpour, thereby forcing them to don their vests, enjoying their favorite hotdog and Sarsi after nine holes, Bea's long putt, Joaquin's long drive, and a lot of laughter and crazy moments throughout. Ironically, all of these lighthearted moments serve as a poignant reminder to me as their father, that :

-half of their childhood is already gone,
-they can already do things which adults can do,
-in awhile it will not just be a golf cart that they're driving,
-they can be better than their parents in some things they're doing

Overall, it was a great day to and remember that the time is moving quickly and before we know it, the kids are off to college.

Now to make that excuse slip...Dear Teacher, Please excuse my kids for being absent last Friday. They had to spend time with their father. :-)

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