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Anika Salustiano : Born To Play Golf

This blog shares with you a video posted on The dad of Anika Salustiano, known on the Pinoygolfer forum by the handle, snakeskin, shares:

brought my daughter to capitol this morning, it was her first time to see and tackle the fairways, she's been into golf lessons for less than a month now.

she had a good round specially her long shots, but she needs to improve her short game. how i envy these kids, no stress, no fuzz golf, just grip and rip... without even thinking of their posture, stance, target etc,... significant hole was no. 7. par 3 85 yards, used the driver landed the green in one, and putted for birdie, her very first :D feels so proud :D

Congrats Anika! Congrats too to the Daddy!

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